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After a manager's long career in the industry, Mario Rastelli opens his own Coaching and Development office, in 2008.

Certified from the International Coach Federation, as well as from the 'Non Verbal Intelligence' program of Michael Grinder, after a successful learning at Coaching Ways, he Coaches teams as well as individuals in search for results, whether in the private as well as professional fields.

Board Director ad interim of the ICFB in 2009, he strengthens his collaboration to Coaching Ways where he manages the team of coaches, on base of sound knowledge of Sociocracy whose mode of governance he adopts.

From the base of a specialization in Transactional Analysis, he undertakes the orientation of the classic problems resolution questioning, absolute Coaching weapon, beyond its rational dimension towards a human dimension.

To this one, he joins the immense wealth of the non-verbal signals, which he interprets according to a model, the Pentimento, and establishes a distribution of the 21 forms of expressions following their field of emission: visual; hearing; kinesthetic; respiratory and Special.